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Kensley: Empowering Glow at All Bronzed Up

Spray Tanning is for EVERY BODY!

Welcome to our latest feature on the Scrub Me Good blog! Today, we're thrilled to share an exclusive Q&A session with Kensley, the radiant force behind All Bronzed Up, a beloved spray tanning salon that not only gives its clients a sun-kissed glow but also retails our very own Scrub Me Good products. Dive into the world of spray tanning as Kensley shares her journey, the universal appeal of spray tans, their countless benefits, and why natural skincare, especially our exfoliating sugar scrubs, plays a crucial role in maintaining that perfect tan. If you've ever wondered about the magic behind a flawless spray tan and how to keep it looking fresh and vibrant, keep reading!

Q&A with Kensley

What initially got you interested in spray tanning?

I started spray tanning when I was in college as a tanning salon manager. I found that I loved the process so much and the confidence it gave women, that even after I graduated, I never wanted to stop providing women with that empowerment.

What type of customer do you recommend spray tans to?

Spray tanning is literally for EVERYONE. It doesn’t matter what your skin color is, gender, body type - there is literally a tan for EVERY body.

What are the benefits of spray tanning?

The list is endless! Spray tans give a flawless glow without the damage of the sun or a tanning bed. They also provide an instant confidence and mood boost to everyone that gets one! Spray tans have evolved so much in the 10 1/2 years that I’ve done them that now they are completely customizable so every client can achieve any tanning goal they are wanting despite their natural skin tone.

What types of care products are best suited for spray tanning clients, and what specifically drew you to (and continues to keep you with) Scrub Me Good’s products?

All natural products are the best for spray tans! Anything that is sulfate + paraben free is always a good idea with a spray tan. Scrub Me Good’s all natural ingredients are perfect for a spray tan’s maintenance. The sugar scrub is a personal favorite of mine and my clients. I searched for years to find an exfoliating scrub that did not feel like it was tearing my skin up when I would exfoliate. It truly adds so much hydration into the skin which is perfect for the day before a spray tan appointment!

You were a product tester for our Luxe Body Lotion and you've made several purchases of this product as well.  Do you have any feedback you'd share with other spray tan artists about our lotion?

The ingredients are hydrating and extremely nourishing for a spray tan!

Kensley's insights into the world of spray tanning illuminate the importance of not only achieving that desired glow but also the significance of maintaining it with the right products. Spray tanning is a fantastic way to boost confidence and achieve a radiant look safely, and when paired with natural skincare, like our hydrating exfoliating sugar scrubs and our luxe body lotion, the results are not just beautiful but also beneficial for your skin. At Scrub Me Good, we're proud to support the empowerment and beauty Kensley brings to her clients every day. Her dedication to spray tan safe practices and natural skincare mirrors our commitment to creating products that suit all skin types, ensuring everyone can enjoy the luxury of healthy, glowing skin.

When we were working on developing our Luxe Body Lotion, Kensley was first on the list to help us make sure our this new release was spray tan safe.

Thank you, Kensley, for sharing your expertise and for your ongoing support of Scrub Me Good. Here's to many more years of glowing, hydrated, and happy skin for all!

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