What makes a Great Exfoliator?

What makes a Great Exfoliator?

Everybody needs a good scrub now and then. Our skin experiences a 27-day regeneration cycle, which means that we have fresh, new skin about once a month. What happens to the old skin? Well, sometimes dead skin falls off naturally or is rubbed off on clothing and chairs. Other dead skin cells like to hang on for dear life, making your skin look dry and ashy until you do something about it. Enter exfoliation. 

There are many opinions on what makes a great exfoliator, and we have our favorites here at Scrub Me Good. Check out some of our main ingredients and find out what a great exfoliator should be.


With exfoliators, it’s all about that base. The best exfoliators start with a super moisturizing base, and one of our favorites is coconut oil. Coconut oil boasts massive hydration, antioxidants, and wrinkle-minimizing superpowers. This base absorbs quickly and is ideal for sensitive skin. If you want a fragrance-free option, refined coconut oil has the same benefits as virgin coconut oil but without a strong fragrance.


Ground coffee is good for more than a morning wake-up call–it’s also one of the ingredients in what makes a great exfoliator. Because coffee grounds don’t dissolve, they provide long-lasting exfoliation for dead skin. Research also suggests coffee may boost collagen and has antioxidants and antimicrobial features to protect your skin from harmful bacteria. 


Sugar might not be great for your gut, but it is nature’s best-kept secret for your skin. Sugar is a natural source of an alpha hydroxy acid called glycolic acid–a compound that appears in over-the-counter skincare products in chemical form. Although glycolic acid in its chemically created form can irritate some skin types, the naturally occurring source is perfect for almost any type of skin. We use sugar derived from sugar beets, which is coarse enough to slough off dead skin and boosts moisture in your skin.


The Vitamin E inside your body from fruits and vegetables supports immune function and heart health, and it has nourishing properties outside your body, too. This vitamin supercharged with antioxidants will restore, replenish, and nourish your skin. Vitamin E is an essential part of scrubs because they add extra moisture. If you have dry skin, make sure your exfoliant includes Vitamin E!


Brown sugar is a great addition to sugar scrubs because it’s a bit softer than white sugar. Additionally, brown sugar includes molasses. Molasses is a natural skin softener and can add an extra layer of hydration to your favorite exfoliator, preparing your new post-scrub skin for a beautiful glow. It’s also thought to help with eczema and rosacea and can be used as a natural face wash. 


Essential oils aren’t essential to a great natural exfoliator, but certain types of essential oils provide additional benefits to level up your exfoliation experience. Some of the most popular essential oils in sugar scrubs include:

  • Lavender, which can promote calmness and reduce stress
  • Rosemary, which acts as an astringent to balance and tone skin
  • Peppermint, which can soothe irritated skin and tired muscles

Essential oils also make sugar scrubs smell good without chemically heavy added fragrances that irritate your skin. (Just say no to fake fragrances!)


When you’re searching for a great exfoliant, remember that high-quality, skin-friendly ingredients are the most important part. At Scrub Me Good, we handcraft premium sugar scrubs with the best ingredients, so they work for any skin type. When you use a high-quality exfoliator, your skin will thank you!

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